BronsonBronson is a Chessie mix-not sure what-hound of some type maybe-like a Red Bone. Bronson is approx in the 8-9 year old range of age. He was adopted out by our rescue 7 years ago, but now the family has a baby and they do not think he will be good with it. He has been back in our home as a foster dog and has been a well behaved dog-he is house trained and current on shots,


Bronson is older and likes to lounge in the midst of his family

Bronson gets along well here with an older male Chessie and a Black Lab mix female. He sleeps on his bed at night and never makes a peep . I have not seen any aggression with him-he is a big talker, a big rooer. He likes to run and play, likes to bring toys and lay them in your lap. He also likes to put his front feet on your lap and then hug. Bronson is a good boy.

A fenced yard is required. No electric fencing.


Bronson likes to hang out in the yard and watch life go by…

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