Hello! My name is Chuck and I was turned over to CRROW with my brother Hunter at a young age. My first owner was not great to us and realized he could live without us. He didn’t love us. We had no idea what was going on at the time, but we were both underweight, had Lyme’s and were terrified of everything around us.

I might be shy, but I'm not afraid of the camera!

We used to spend our days running around outside and never saw the indoors. At the time, they called me Hank, and when I was surrendered, I lived in foster care for over half a year. I had a lot to learn! I was fostered with several other dogs (some permanent fosters, some temporary). I learned about love and how to accept others. I was slow to trust, but was loved and my foster family was very patient with me. And I grew and grew and grew! I’m quite tall and have a lanky build. I did have a bit of a naughty side as well, and LOVED to chew on things (my brother Hunter did too, but nothing like how I did!)

I'm pretty tall and lean.

But I am a very smart chessie and don’t like to get scolded at too much (usually just a stern look will keep me in check), so I tried my best to behave – just that chewing trait is so hard to remember…but I was eventually adopted by a great family, who renamed me “Chessie Chuck” and I have love, toys and another canine friend and thoroughly enjoy my new life! I remain living in Wisconsin and am very happy for a second chance with a family who appreciates me!

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