This is the REALLY HAPPY section of our web site! The Recently Adopted Chessies! These are the reason we do what we do! There is nothing like seeing a dog meet a person or family and knowing that it just clicks! So on this page we celebrate the Successes of CRROW and wish all of you a long and happy life together! Please keep us all informed on how that first year is going.


Hunter came to the Chessie Rescue of WI in the spring with his littermate Hank. He was fostered in La Crosse at Lula's house where he had to learn trust, manners, confidence and most of all fight off Anaplasmosis and Lymes. Hunter learned how to play with toys and mostly how to trust people but was always Happy.

Chesapeake ChuckChesapeake Chuck (formerly known as Hank)

Hank came into the rescue in the spring of 2010 with his littermate, Hunter. Hank was fostered in Appleton and was quite mischievous. Hank was adopted by a couple from  southern WI. He now has a doggie sister who is 7 years old, and Hank is now known as Chesapeake Chuck. Chuck now has a huge back yard in which to chase squirrels and a ball.  He has a toy box full of toys to carry around all day long.  We are wishing Chessie Chuck a long and happy life in his new home.


Bruce went to live with 2 of our volunteers as a foster dog.   Bruce was adopted out-but the man suffered severe asthma because of the dander -so he was returned to his foster home-and  the rest(as they say) is history.  Bruce is very happy in his new home with his now forever parents, and he also has a Chessie sister who is older and keeps him in line. He has a huge back yard to play in and to steal apples and tomatoes.

BubblesBristol Brown (formerly known as Bubbles) Profile

Bubbles is spayed female, half Chessie and half shepard/hound fostered in La Crosse. She will be 1 yr in mid Dec 2010 and is very sweet and timid. Bubbles is now known as Bristol Brown (named after a mutual friend of her new family and her foster mom, photographer Larsh Bristol). Bristol Brown lives in La Crosse.

Stella resting head

Stella (profile)

Stella is a 16 month old spayed female Chessie that was found as a stray in Spooner. She was in foster care with the Chessie Rescue of WI for about 10 weeks. Stella came to the rescue with very few manners or commands so she completed a Basic Obedience class, attended doggie daycare and spent lots of time learning how to not jump and not be such a puppy. Stella was adopted by a family near Wausau who has had Chessies and is experienced with their sometimes stubborn personalities!

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