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My name is Lula and I am a “big boned” female. My foster mom says I look and amble like a Grizzly Bear Cub but I am much sweeter and just as cuddly. I should really define “big-boned” as it is pretty significant in my current situation. I weigh 115ish pounds and am not overweight; I am just a Big Girl. I was left tied to the recycling kennel at a shelter near Duluth, MN in August of 2009 and was in 2 shelters before CRROW came and got me. I had to learn how to live in a house and how to accept and give affection to humans. I initially only wanted to hang in the garage in my crate and be left alone.

The first few days I was here, my foster mom noticed that I walked funny and dragged my toes on my back legs so took me to the vet and they discovered I had Lyme’s Disease and some knee problems. After a series of x-rays, they discovered I have ruptured both my ACL’s (technically speaking ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments) and I have hip dysplasia. I am not a candidate for surgery due to my size and my independent nature. (I really don’t like to be messed with when I am hurting. I prefer to be left alone in my crate until the pain gets better.) I am not very good at regulating my activities as I am 10 years old and I really want to run and play with all the other dogs in the neighborhood, but my foster mom has to keep my activities very limited until my knees stabilize a bit more. I will never be able to run and play like I want to. However as long as I get a few short walks each day, my crib mattress, a few bones or toys and most importantly, my computer so I can Facebook with my friends and write my blog, I am a happy girl!

Lula wanting a mid-walk belly rub

I like to take a Belly Rub break during my walks. People often stop to offer assistance as they think I am in pain but I am just getting a belly rub and resting!

I like having my sides and belly scratched as my back legs don’t work very well for scratching. I have learned the best place to get belly rubs is during my walks. I can lay flat out on the sidewalk and refuse to move until I get my belly rubbed. I often stop traffic as they are worried or I have plopped down in the middle of the street and no one can get me up or around me so they have to wait! I love to be with people, especially when they pet me!

I am not allowed to climb stairs because of my hips and knees but I do maintain a bear cave in the basement as I like the cool, dark quiet down there. My vet says I shouldn’t do stairs but when Pam blocks it off, I bust through the barrier, no matter how strong it is, so Pam lets me go to my bear cave. I will need to be on medication to manage the pain of my hips and knees and someone has to watch my weight as I can’t get any heavier and I like treats, so I am not good at regulating my own weight.

If you want to read about my adventures, you can

  • Read my blog Lula Rescue Chessie
  • Friend me on Facebook or click on my Facebook banner on this page
  • Follow me on Twitter – I am not so good on Twitter yet, my computer time is limited

If you want to help with my ongoing medical expenses, CRROW has set up a special account, but didn’t give me signing priviledges! Anyway you can donate to that through PayPal below.


BSLK (Big Sloppy Lula Kisses), Lula


2/9/2011 – My right hip has gotten very weak in the last week and is giving out on my when I walk. We are exploring lots of options to help relieve pain and allow me to walk as I am not ready to give that up! (Click here to read my blog about my hip situation) CRROW has decided to purchase a “Walkin Wheels” wheelchair for me this will allow me to continue my much loved walks and continue a happy, comfy life. If you would like to help with this expense, please use the link below. We are trying to raise $500-750 for the chair and a ramp.

Make Donations to Lula’s Medical Fund by clicking on the PayPal link below

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