Sadie has been adopted and will be heading to her new home in Phoenix, AZ. We are in the process of trying to arrange a transport for her from La Crosse, WI to Phoenix. If you are along the route and willing to help, please comment at the bottom of this page and we will be in contact.

Sadie was born in May of 2007. She was an outside dog all of her life, and is not house trained. She rides very well in a car. She had an emergency spay due to the pyometra so she is currently on meds and healing. She also is being treated for Lyme disease. She does appear to be blind in her right eye due to a previous injury when she was younger. She is definitely a people dog.

Lets just say she does not have a happy background which is why she ended up at the shelter. This poor girl was abandoned with no food, water, or shelter. That said, she is a real sweetie. She deserves to be with people who will give her a good home and life.
She weighs 77 pounds–down from 81-, and is not as heavy as she looks in the pictures. She is truly a dead grass, and is curly as her pics show.

SadieECShelterSadie will need a home without any other animals, and because of the car chasing she will probably need a fence. She is said to really like women.

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