Willie head shot
Willie came to us in 2006 at age 8 from a Milwaukee Shelter. He came to the shelter due to his owner being charged with neglect. Willie had been tied to a picnic table on a short chain in the dead of winter. No food or water and no shelter other than under the table-but the chain was too short for that .  When he was admitted, his front legs were raw and bleeding due to trying to get loose when he was tangled in the table. He was treated for his wounds at the shelter, and once the court had released him to the shelter, we were called and went to bring him home.
Willie had a chance at a new home, however, the resident cat would not adjust to him, so he came back to us.

Willie in the snow

Willie in the snow

Around that time,Willie started to have semi-severe  seizures. He was put on Phenobarbital and has done well with that drug given twice a day-it will be a lifetime drug.  Early this spring, he started to show signs of hair loss on his back, and also very  increased thirst and urination.  After a negative Diabetes Mellitus test result, it was decided he most likely had Diabetes Insipidus, although he also had symptoms of Cushings-which also mimics the Insipidus. We started him on Desmopressin for the Insipidus. The drug has to be ordered special from a pharmacy in Arizona and is shipped monthly to our home.  We also had him tested for Cushings, which was positive. At this time we are not treating for the Cushings, as the other drug has really helped with the urination and thirst-and he is even getting some hair re-growth. He is also on Meloxicam for his arthritis.  He will need to be on these drugs for the rest of his life. Willie will turn 12 in December of 2010.

Willie never found another home probably due to the fear people have of seizures, although he has Petite Mal, not Grand Mal.  Willie will live out his life in foster care. Willie is an example of what is financially needed to provide medical care to a dog who has never been lucky enough to find his forever home.

Willie passed away on February 19, 2012. He had been ill the last few days-but was on meds and seemed to be doing better – he had a very calm and quiet afternoon – sleeping on his Kurunda bed next to Sue’s recliner, and ate his supper with zest-yet less than a minute later he was gone from us.

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