Stella resting head

Hi! My name is Stella and I am a fun loving, energetic young lady! I am about 15 months old. I was found wandering near Spooner, WI covered in mud with some type of e-collar. I was a little too high energy and big for the Spooner shelter so they called the Chessie Rescue and they came and got me! I LOVE people especially women, I am a little timid of men at first but I warm up once I realize they won't hurt me. I LOVE to run and play and would really like to be a lap dog but my foster mom says "No!", because I am too big and I don't have many manners. Well the manner thing I am learning but not always willing. I am VERY nosy – I like to see and eat everything but I am learning that is not acceptable. However, my memory is very puppy-like, (i.e. short and selective)!

Stella and Hunter playing Tug of War

I love to play one-on-one with my buddy Hunter, he is about my age and fun. I am not so keen on my foster sister, Lula, she is old, big and grumpy – we only tolerate each other! I would LOVE to be an only dog but realize that might not be possible. I get along great with male dogs. My foster mom says I need someone who understands "Chessie Stubbornness" I am not sure what that means and really not sure I agree.

Stella trotting across the yard

I am currently attending an obedience class to learn more manners (did I mention that I came to Rescue with none?!). I have come a long ways with my manners in a short amount of time. I am exceptional in class, and so far am one of the favorites and represent my breed very well. The other dogs and humans do not distract me because I am very treat-motivated and know what I have to do in order to get them! I also walk incredibly well on my leash for a young, energetic dog. Basically, I just love to be around my "person".

Here is  a video of me playing with Hunter. I am the cutie who gets the frisbee the first time, and on the second time I "let" Hunter get it so he doesn't feel badly:

I hope you will come and meet me as I am REALLY petite (60 lbs), very pretty and super sweet! I would love to snuggle with my own human!

Love, Stella

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