Hershey ProfileHershey – Adopted!

Hershey was adopted by a family in La Crosse. He lives a few blocks away from his foster Mom and can visit often. He now has two human sisters, a dachshund brother and a cat! Hershey is one of the sweetest little guys around and the rescue will miss him.  We are so glad he finally found his forever home.

My name is Hershey and I am an almost 2 yr old neutered male Chessie mix (they think). I was at a puppy mill and rescued by a woman who couldn’t keep me so she turned me over to a shelter in Racine WI. I have been in the Chessie Rescue for about 6 months and have come a long way. When I arrived in foster care, I had lots of bald spots and was extremely timid and frightened of men. In the months, I have been in the Rescue, I have grown hair in all of my bald spots, have blown all my icky coat and I am beginning to learn that people are mostly okay – well at least the people I am now meeting!

I love to sleep on the furniture especially with my human! I am little, 49 lbs – another reason everyone thinks I am a mix with maybe some spaniel? I love to be with dogs and love to play chase.
I will need a fenced yard as I LOVE to run. Ideally I  would like to have a doggie sibling  to play with. Okay I must admit I don’t like to fetch! I like to chase a tennis ball but then I play and play with it by myself. Sorry I think I missed those retrieving genes!

Hershey and his Chessie friends

Hershey on the far left with the Adopt Me vest on with his foster aunt, Kelly, and fellow Chessies Hunter (middle) and Tanner

I love to ride in the car and will immediately curl up in the car and sleep. I love to go for walks. I am not very good with commands, in fact only respond to sit and not very well, but I am learning. I am crate trained but I prefer to not be in the crate. I am good in the house when someone is home but get a little nervous when left alone so my foster mom crates me when alone. I am  house broken.

Hershey Snuggling on the couch

Hershey snuggling into his foster mom's legs on the couch

Everyone who meets me immediately says how cute I am and want to snuggle me! I am not huge on snuggling strangers but am learning to let them pet me. My foster mom calls me “the pocketbook Chessie” as I am so small compared to other Chessies. I like kids and cats!

**UPDATE August 19, 2011** – I am doing well in foster care and learning to trust people and socializing more and more. I’m quite attached to the people I know well! And I’m still cute as a button! I am taking Benadryl daily for what everyone figures are some sort of low-grade allergies, which helped to repair some of my bald spots initially. However, recently I’ve gotten a few bare spots back on my rear legs. On a hunch, I had my thyroid tested and it showed a very slightly lower than normal level. So, now I’m trying some new meds to see if perhaps my itchy/bald areas are perhaps thyroid-related and/or allergy-related. Therefore, I’m not quite ready for adoption for another 6 weeks so that my foster mom can figure out exactly what I need to keep me from itching to best prepare my future forever family. But I’m definitely worth the wait!

**UPDATE October 6, 2011** – GUESS WHAT?! My thyroid meds have proven to help me out tremendously! I have put on a bit more weight so that I am now in my normal range, and I am no longer so itchy! I appreciate people waiting on me and my rescuers to figure out what was ailing me, but I’m now SO VERY READY to find a home and a forever family!

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