Cricket at the Lake

Cricket was adopted in Feb, 2014 to a family with a male Chessie about the same age.

Cricket’s Story:
I was a 3.5 yr old Chessie mix, when I came into rescue. I had been living on a farm since I was a puppy but started bothering the chickens so I had to leave the farm. I love people. I love kids and I like other dogs – but I prefer PEOPLE. I am love being a house dog. My initial foster family had two kids and two dogs. I  LOVED all of them, but I am not good with small animals or cats. I have lived with them but have to be monitored and desensitized. I moved into a different foster home when they had room for me.

Cricket in yardI am house broken and could probably be loose in the house but my foster siblings stay in crates so I hang out in mine too. I like to explore the yard searching for critters and hanging out in the yard. I happily hang in my fenced yard for hours. I am getting better on the leash and on being walked – we didn’t do that leash much on the farm. I know basic obedience and eager CricketPontoonto learn more.

My foster family has a cottage on the lake so I spend lots of weekends up there. I am really good at hanging around the cottage but I do like to go exploring in the woods. If I am at a home without a fence, it would need to be on a quiet road with a few acres of land for me to roam. I never go very far and typically come running when I am called unless I am tracking something. What I really, really want is a home with a family of my very own so I can snuggle. I love attention and just want to be loved by my people.

I found my perfect family and now live in the country with my Chessie brother and familyCricketLivingRoom.

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