Hello and Roo Roo to you! My name is Hunter and I am a happy product of CRROW. I was an owner-surrender with an unpleasant start to my life. I was turned over with my brother Hank (now Chessie Chuck).

This is what I looked like when I came into rescue - skinny with a dry, brittle, yucky coat.

We were very young, so fortunately we don’t recall a lot of it, and we did have each other at least when the times were tough. When we were tossed into Sue’s van at the age of 8 months, we were skinny, sick with untreated Lyme’s and Anaplasma, and terrified of our own shadows and of men. Because we were litter mates, the decision was made to split us up so that we would learn to accept other people and dogs into our lives. It was hard at the time, but for the best in the long-term. Chuck (Hank) stayed with Sue in Appleton for extra TLC and I went to live with my foster mom Pam in La Crosse.

Look at that coat! That's what fostering, a forever family and lots of love will do!

When I arrived to Pam’s, I had gross, dry sun-bleached hair, and kept my head hung low and my tail tucked between my legs. I also had no manners whatsoever and hadn’t been exposed to the indoors. Pam also had a senior permanent female chessie foster (Lula), and this was good for me, because I am very submissive and preferred to have a boss around to protect me. I lived with them in foster care for about 4 months and slowly started to grow taller and more handsome and I began to gain confidence and trust with people and other dogs. Pam took me on several outings and exposed me to lots of people and dogs, and kids and let others handle me. I learned what it was like to feel loved and it was wonderful! I was successfully adopted by my forever family on my first birthday!

Naptime with one of my cats. Notice she's plugging my nose? Must not like me breathing on her.

They found my cute mug on Facebook and started asking Pam questions and made the trip up to meet me. They lived in South Carolina at the time, so I made the long journey down there and lived with them on a huge lake. It turns out that I enjoy interacting with cats and I have two.

My dad’s work then brought my forever family back to Wisconsin, where they are originally from, so I made the move back with them, and now enjoy swimming and boating on the river in the summer, and snowshoeing in the winter (I don’t wear the shoes of course, I chase the people who wear the shoes and bound through the snow and act silly!)

I love my duck - and the snow!

I still keep in touch with my foster roots and CRROW, and now I pay my earlier dues by helping to socialize young, scared new recruits. It’s hard to see them go when they get adopted, but then I remember how wonderful it is to have a forever home, so I’m happy for them, and look forward to training the next foster who needs my help.

Every "hunter" needs a camo jacket!

I am also expecting my first human brother at the end of the year and I can’t wait to have a boy of my own to play with! I am now two years old and still seem to continue growing, but I still have a bit of filling out to do, but my confidence level is much improved, and I am quite well-mannered and pretty calm despite my young age. I love belly rubs, have learned to smile by curling my lips over my teeth, and even “roo” softly when I’m so overcome with joy, like when I see a familiar friend. Life is great!

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