The Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of WI is a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization and many of your gifts or contributions may be tax deductible. Please check with your accountant or tax preparer.

Donation Options

Cash Donation Emergency Stickers Lula’s Store
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Cash Donations – Click the link to donate to Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of WI General Medical Fund

Emergency Stickers – Visit our new fundraising partner, SmartSign. We are working with them on a special new CRROW fundraiser to create “pet emergency” stickers. They will be available at Chessie events and online soon. Visit their website for a wide variety of other signs for your home or office.


The following are a few ways to help support the efforts of CRROW.

Visit Lula’s Store to purchase

  • “Lula’s Second Chance, Stories of a Rescue Chessie”Book
  • “Lula’s Second Chance” eBook
  • Lula Note Cards
  • Lula Postcards with Lula’s pawtograph
  • And once published “Rescued by a Chessie” and “Over the Rainbow”
  • Keep checking for more to come…

Shop for your favorite Chessie lover at our online store at We have a wide assortment of

  • ceramic mugs, insulated travel mugs, water bottles, thermos bottles
  • Shirts, sweatshirts, hats and aprons
  • Bags and totes
  • Clocks, framed tiles
  • Calendars, note cards and postcards

Donate to this organization through Drs. Foster and Smith
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Drs Foster & Smith Gift Certificates can be purchased for use by the Chessie Rescue of WI by clicking on the banner to the left. You will reach a pre-filled gift certificate order form where they can enter the amount of your donation. After you checkout, a Drs. Foster and Smith Gift Certificate will be mailed to the Chessie Rescue of WI for us to use to purchase supplies and equipment needed by the rescue.

igivedoglogoRegister and shop thru

We have been registered there and a percentage of you purchase will be donated to our rescue. Just use the link to the left and register. It’s that easy to get started helping us out!!!

Some of our ongoing costs include:

  • Medical costs for all our dogs in foster care including
    • vaccinations,
    • spay/neutering,
    • tests and medication for Heartworm, Lymes, Anaplasmosis and other ailments the dogs arrive with
    • general well being checks
  • Food and supplies for foster dogs – most of this cost is covered by the foster families but CRROW tries to assist where special diets and needs are concerned or for long term fostering.

Other needs and assistance that are appreciated are:

  • We Need Foster Homes, transporters and gifts for the dogs.
  • We desperately need foster homes in the Wisconsin area. We pay all medical costs for our foster dogs.

Other ways you can help are:

  • Aluminum cans for recycle.
  • Gifts of old blankets no longer used for your beds.
  • Gifts of Postage stamps for mailing records and applications.
  • Gifts of Prepaid vet charges. Anything and everything helps us get these dogs ready to go. from Heartworm testing to regular shots to spaying and neutering.
  • Gifts of Collars, leashes, first aid items, canine aspirins, glucosamine for the older dogs joints, cages, food dishes, medicinal supplies such as ear cleaning items, odomax, gentomicin spray. (some of these dogs are ill or injured and need to be recuperated before we can place them)
  • Gifts of Travel time to transport a dog being placed a distance away.
  • We set up transports and have several people take the dog whatever distance they can. While it is easier on the dog if it is not transferred numerous times, every mile someone is able to help us with is a great contribution to our efforts.
  • Can you walk a dog every day? Many of our foster homes could use assistance in walking and leash training our dogs.
  • Can you take a dog to obedience class? or donate a gift of the fees for it?
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